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GSoC is over - Week 12 of GSoC 2016

Google Summer of Code 2016 is now over and we (the students) are asked to submit our final report which ofcourse contains a link to the "work package". The link I will place for submission is the Parallella-RISC-V Github repository which contains everything needed to build the project and use RISC-V on a Parllella board.

I'm really excited as this marks the end of a 3 month journey that I had a great time working for the first time on an open-source project. I urge more people to try this experience and participate next year on GSoC 2017. This is a great opportunity for everyone looking for quality work during the summer.

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Written by Elias Kouskoumvekakis on Monday August 15, 2016

Parallella RISC-V project status and deliverables - Week 11 of GSoC 2016

Now that Google Summer of Code 2016 is approaching its end, the current status of the project is reported here, split on what was completed and what wasn't due to reasons that were out of our immediate control. The numbers correspond to the original proposal's milestones.

As mentioned on previous blog posts, everything developed for this project can be found on the Parallella RISC-V repository. Moreover, for users that don't have a working Vivado installation or just want to test everything quickly without the necessary long build times, they can just clone and use the prebuilt images that have been prepared and hosted on the Parallella RISC-V Prebuilt Images repository. It contains images for both types of Zynq devices that the various Paralllella editions contain, along with complete instructions on how to use them on a board.

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Written by Elias Kouskoumvekakis on Monday August 8, 2016